Sunday, March 29, 2015

C4K Project 6 #5
Post 1:

For my first student I commented on Rashad's blog. Rashad made a great post regarding respect toward teachers. His post was in response to a prompt by his teacher, "Provide advice for future students." He provided personal experience on what happens when you disrespect your teachers in addition to what happens when you do respect your teachers. In my comment I told Rashad that his post was great and I also gave him personal advice on respecting everyone.

Post 2:

For my second post, I commented on Arturo's blog. Arturo provided a great post regarding first impressions. Arturo stated that first impressions are not always accurate, whether you are talking about a class or meeting a person for the first time. In my comment I told Arturo that I too agree that first impressions are not always accurate. I provided a personal experience story informing Arturo that I have had not just one, but multiple poor first-impressions.

Post 3:

For my third post I was asked to comment on Jesse's blog. Jesse provided a great review on a Group interpretation play he recently saw at his school. Having never heard of GI, I found this post to be very interesting! In my comment I told Jesse about my high school improv team participating in the Rubber Chicken Festival, which sounds similar to GI. 

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