Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog Post #7

Technology in the Classroom

In the video We All Become Learners I found it very interesting as Michelle Bennett discussed how a kindergarten student taught her something about technology in the midst of her teaching the student something with the iPad. Although we are teachers, we are also learners. Although we as teachers can spend time trying to catch up on technology, students have more time and more curiosity. I agree with Michelle Bennett on the aspect of "barriers going down" when students assist teachers. I love that the barrier can now be removed, as it creates a better environment for the students. Students are there to learn, but they are also there to teach. Without students present to assist teachers in ever-evolving subjects such as technology, teachers may not be presented with the opportunity to learn about the changing technology. 

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten is an interview with John Strange, Michelle Bennett, and Elizabeth Davis. Bennett discusses how students use iMovie/iTrailer to complete a book project in the kindergarten classroom. I find this incredibly interesting because I know of many college level students that cannot efficiently do this, but the five and six year old students can do it weekly. Davis discusses Alabama Virtual Library. AVL is an easy way to do research, similar to our very own Marx Virtual Library here at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed Davis' point on teaching kindergarten students how to virtually research anything. 


  1. Hey Kelsey! I definitely agree that it was interesting that a kindergarden student taught a librarian something about the iPad. This shows us that we can never underestimate our students. Technology is definitely ever-evolving and I agree we aren't always gonna be super up to date to keep up with all these changes!