Sunday, March 15, 2015

Blog Post #8

For this weeks assignment we have been instructed to watch Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture, and I have to admit, Randy Pausch definitely knows what he is talking about. Not only is he a phenomenal inspiration, but a great teacher to say the least. Throughout his lecture, I learned many things regarding teaching and learning. What stuck out the most to me was his story regarding setting the bar. As a teacher, we never know exactly where the bar is. I found it to be great advice that his mentor told him to say "You can do better." He is right. While we may not know exactly where the bottom bar is, we will never know where the top bar is. It is our job as teachers to motivate our students to reach their highest potential. The best way to do that is to not give them a "maximum."

Video courtesy of YouTube.


  1. I agree that we have to motivate our students to do their best. He had great ways to motivate students, keeping your students interested and changing things up. A student who is focusing on one topic for too long can grow bored. Just like how in his project class, they were given three weeks to create a virtual world and then would change groups and make a completely different project. Even better when he talked about his revolutionary masters program. It gives students a hands on education. There are no books, just practical application of what they already know. He is a phenomenal speaker.