Sunday, April 19, 2015

C4K #6

#1Henly H.
Henly's blog post was from the Bible. This post was about forgiveness and gratefulness, through a story about Jonah. While Henly did not completely grasp what the story was about, she still provided great input on what she thought it was about! Either way, she did find a great moral in the story. I commented along with her teacher explaining what I thought the story was about, in addition to my opinion on the moral she came across!

Dakota's post was his bucket list. I told him that I share many of his bucket list items in my bucket. He has great goals such as graduating, getting married, and having children. I told him that my favorite task on his list was to visit Alaska, since that is something I have always wanted to do.

#3.Henly H.
Henly's blog post was regarding her spring break. She told her readers all about her skiing trip she took with her friends. I told Henly about our rainy Mobile spring break, and how I miss going skiing over break when I was in high school.

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