Sunday, February 8, 2015

C4T Summary 1

Middle School Matrix is a phenomenal blog written by Hadley Ferguson. In her blog, Ferguson provides various resources and lessons for fellow teachers to use in their own classroom.

C4T #1 Comment 1
Ferguson's most recent post is regarding "Student Superpowers." In this post, she gives a great first-week activity that helps her get to know the students, and also gives the students the opportunity to anonymously share information. For this assignment Ferguson told her class to write down one superpower they wish they had to help them with school, and post it to the bulletin board. The reviews brought forth by the students were great, and she described it as a personal learning opportunity as well. In my first comment I introduced myself and reviewed the idea of Student Superpowers. Of course, I LOVED it! I mentioned that I plan on using this idea in my future classroom.

C4T #1 Comment 2
In Mrs. Ferguson's second post she describes a part of her "Identity Project" where she gives her students four minutes of alone time. During this time students were asked to find a space in the room away from everyone where they could sit quietly for 4 minutes. She said that the end result was great as the students never realized how much you could think of in four minutes. In my response to this post, I told Mrs. Ferguson how I admired her projects. I also incorporated some of my own knowledge by mentioning my observation of students who have the opportunity to work creatively with personal reflection. When students are allowed to use their creativity, you tend to achieve more involvement.

I have thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Ferguson's posts, and I intend on continuing my reading.

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