Monday, January 19, 2015

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What about EDM 310?

I have heard mixed comments regarding EDM 310. Some people have told me it is an easy class, while others have told me it is insanely difficult. From the videos we were instructed to watch, this class appears quite difficult and time consuming. However, I love technology and the opportunity to be creative; therefore, I feel that I will do well in this course. My main fear for this class is my lack of time-management skills. I am hoping that the difficulty of this class and it's extensive focus on time management with help me to improve in that department. I feel that EDM 310 will vary from other classes in multiple ways. The biggest difference is that it is not only a project-based course, but also an entirely digital course. I love that aspect of this class, and I look forward to seeing how it impacts my learning abilities. The most difficult aspect of this course is the amount of work that is due in the amount of time given. I believe the best way to handle this will be to use a planner, and to use it a lot. As of right now I do not have any questions about EDM 310.

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  1. Hello Kelsey! I have also heard that EDM is time consuming and difficult but I was very relieved when I realized how nice and helpful our professor and assistances are. So, when you are having a "freak out" moment, just remember they are here to help us. I totally agree with you on using a planner! I live by my phone and written planner. Take a deep breath and one day at a time. You are going to do great in this class!